The Duram Escape Mask

The Duram Escape Mask is an emergency evacuation mask you can carry in your pocket, designed to provide respiratory protection as well as reduce the health risk and mortality rate associated with the inhalation of toxic air caused by fire, smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), chemical leakage or Chemical/Biological attack.

The Duram Masks are known for their easy accessibility, they are lightweight, portable/pocket-sized, quick to don, they seal comfortably at the neck and provide efficient filtering of toxic gases and agents. The various masks are designed to protect the user against smoke and toxic gases as a result of fire, hazardous chemicals or biological/chemical warfare agents.

The Duram Personal Escape Mask

  • Allows first response team to quickly protect victims from inhaling toxic gases
  • Enables more time for evacuation
  • Helps maximise victim survival rates and rescue operations effectiveness
  • Can be put on victims quickly and easily
  • Optimised for rapid distribution to large numbers simultaneously
  • Can be carried in an emergency vehicle ready for instant use
  • Afforable
  • One size fits all
  • Five years shelf life
  • No maintenance or tarining required
  • Ideal for mass distribution
  • Suitable for storage and use in all climates