The Duram Escape Mask is an emergency evacuation mask you can carry in your pocket, designed to provide respiratory protection as well as reduce the health risk and mortality rate associated with the inhalation of toxic air caused by fire, smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), chemical leakage or Chemical/Biological attack. Learn More

Duram KIMI

A personal emergency device for short-term respiratory protection during escape from an area of a chemical spill. Offers protection against organic gases and vapours with a boiling point higher than 65°C, certain inorganic gases and vapours, Sulphurs Dioxide and other acidic gases and vapours, Ammonia and Ammonia derivatives.

CE Mark 97 CE 0336



  • Pocket-size
  • Dons within seconds. No adjustment straps
  • One size fits all
  • Strong, fire-resistant, elastic rubber hood, protects the entire head and seals comfortably at the neck.
  • Large visor, made of flame-retardant transparent film, allows a wide field of view.
  • High-efficiency, electrostatic particle filter, with extremely low pressure-drop to allow easy breathing.
  • Layers of activated charcoal with special impregnation to absorb toxic gases.
  • A unique breathing device (patent pending) enables rapid exhalation and improves the physiological conditions for the user, preventing built-up of heat or vapour inside the mask.
  • Training model available.
  • Available in two colours: yellow and black.



  • Special Polychloroprene Latex Compound
  • Elongation at break: > 700%
  • Tensile strength: > 150 kg/cm²
  • Temperature resistant: 200°C
  • Fire-resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701


ETFE film – a copolymer of Polytetrafluoroethylene with Ethylene monomer.

  • Tensile strength: 50N/mm²
  • Elongation at break: 450%
  • Tear resistance: 500 N/mm
  • Temperature resistance: 150°C
  • Flame retardant : UL 94 V-O
  • Light transmission: > 95%

Breathing Device:

A device combining two valves for exhalation and inhalation + a soft mouthpiece, all in one unit.

Filter Assembly:

  • Multi-Layer filter includes the following:
  • External polyester screen, fire resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701
  • Electrostatic particle filter
  • Layers of activated charcoal cloth with impregnation against acid gases
  • Soft inner pad of non-woven material


  • Approximate (package) dimensions: 19x15x4 cm.
  • Approximate (package) weight: 190-200 gr.

Filter Performance:

Test Gas
Concentration (ppm)
Flow Rate
Time to Breakthrough
Carbon tetra-chloride (CCI4) 500 30
45 min at 10 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) 500 30 > 40 min at 10 ppm
Chlorine (CI2) 500 30 > 30 min at 0.5 ppm
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) 500 30 23 min at 10 ppm
Sulphur Dioxide (S0) 500 30 36 min at 5 ppm
Ammonia (NH3) 500 30 36 min at 10 ppm

Particle Penetration: Meets EN 143 P2.
Inhalation/Exhalation resistance (at 20 x 1.5 Ifmin): Pin: 166 Pa / Pout: 98 Pa

Gases & Chemicals List

Duram KIMI provides protection for the the following gases and chemicals:

Acetaldehyde Acetic acid Acetic anhydride Acetone
Acetylene Acrolein Acrylonitrile Ammonia
Aniline Asphalt fumes Bromine Butadiene
Butane Butanone Butyl acetate Butyl alcohol
Butyl cellosolve Butyl ether Carbon disulphide Carbon tetrachloride
Chlorobenzene Chlorobutadiene chloroform (trichloromethane) Chloronitropropane
Chloropicrin Chloroprene Cresol Crotonaldehyde
Cyclohexane Cyclohexanol cyclohexanone Cyclohexane
Cyclohexyl ketone Dibromoethane Dichlorobenzene Dichloromethane
Dichloromethyl ether Dichloronitromethane Dichloropropane Diethyl amine
Dimethyl aniline Dimethyl sulphate Dioxane Ethyl acetate
Ethyl acrylate Ethyl alcohol Ethyl amine Ethyl benzene
Ethyl bromide (Bromoethane) Ethyl chloride Ethyl formate Ethyl silicate
Ethylene chlorohydrin Ethylene oxide Formaldehyde Formic acid
Gasoline Heptane Hexane Hexylene
Hydrogen bromide Hydrogen chloride Hydrogen cyanide Hydrogen fluoride
Hydrogen iodide Hydrogen selenite Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) Iodine
Iodoform Isophorone Isopropyl acetate Isopropyl alcohol
Isopropyl ether Ketocyclohexane Ketohexamethylene Methyl acetate
Methyl acrylate Methyl alcohol Methyl bromide Methyl butyl ketone
Methyl ethyl ketone Methyl formate Methyl isobutyl ketone Methyl mercaptan
Methyl cyclohexane Methyl cyclohexanol Naphthalene Nitro benzene
Nitro ethane Nitrogen dioxide Nitro-glycerine Nitro methane
Nitro propane Nonane Octane Oxocyclohexane
Pentane Phenol Phosgene pimelic ketone
Propionic acid Propyl acetate Propyl alcohol Pyridine
Sulphur dioxide Toluene Toluidine Trichlorethylene
Trichloromethane Turpentine Xylene


  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • Chemical & Petrochemical industries
  • Civilian institutions
  • High-rise office / Residential developments



Cases and pouches for the storage of Duram Emergency Escape Masks.

Duram KIMI pouch